Integrative Therapy

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In 1996, Dr. Deborah K. Adcock founded Integrative Therapy in Shreveport on a promise to provide quality healthcare in a compassionate manner.  Over 12 years IT Logolater, Integrative Therapy Clinic continues its promise to the community by providing comprehensive medical treatment to patients with chronic disease, providing bio-identical hormone therapy, and educating the patient about disease and how to prevent it.  Special expertise exists in male and female hormone balance and the metabolic stress experienced in many chronic illnesses.  Every effort is made to review the world’s literature and to apply it along side existing therapy.  Eventually, the new therapy can replace the existing therapy with a combination of bio-identical support plus nutrition, and if necessary, botanicals and/or supplements.  We integrate all appropriate therapies into the care of the patient.

From young to old, Integrative Therapy Clinic delivers the highest level of care to you and your family with the most up-to-date treatment in addition to providing informative patient education. Whether you are seeking care for basic nutrition or weight problems, Integrative Therapy can provide quality patient care.

We encourage you to browse through our website for information about our physicians, office location as well as the services we provide. Our physician and staff welcome you and your family to Integrative Therapy Clinic.





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